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Belgium is an SME country. For example, there are over 3000 companies with an EBITDA between € 2M and € 10M.

The focus of D2E Capital is on this SME segment and partners with companies in:

  • Family succession
  • Growth financing
  • Management buy-in
  • Management buy-out
  • Further professionalization and internationalization
  • Strengthening equity

Investment criteria

D2E Capital invests in Belgian SMEs with:

  • A profitable track record
  • An EBITDA between € 2M and € 10M
  • (International) growth potential

And this through both majority and minority stakes. Given the broad experience of the D2E Capital team, we are also receptive for more complex transactions.


Active commitment

D2E Capital aims to actively counsel its companies to strengthen their growth, internationalization and further professionalization.

This counselling is always performed in close consultation with and as partners of the management of the company.

No nonsense

It’s in our name and in our DNA: no big words, but a lot of experience and pragmatism.


We put the win-win situation into practice. Two principles are at the centre of our relationship based on mutual trust:

  • Good agreements make good friends
  • Promises are kept


Entrepreneurship is not solely success, stress and problems are also a part of everyday company management. Shit happens, but we remain your partner through better and worse.

Strategy fundamentals

Realistic leverage

We are convinced that moderate debt financing contributes to value creation in a traditional private equity transaction. However, as a high leverage equals higher risk and hampers growth possibilities, we tend to use it sparingly.

Growth and internationalization

At D2E Capital, we believe growth is a key driver of value creation. As a result, growth and all of its facets are central in our strategy. Together with management, we strive to find the right balance between organic growth, international expansion and acquisitions.

Company culture

At D2E Capital it’s not only about spreadsheets. Naturally, reporting and finance are important tools to maintain and monitor the company, but we believe people and company culture are more important. Good people and culture will ultimately reflect in a growth of company value.

In addition, a good fit between company and investor is key. Mutual trust forms the basis of a successful cooperation.


In its role as financial partner is D2E Capital a temporary partner. Together with the management and the other shareholders we want to support the company in its next phase of the growth process. D2E Capital has a typical investment horizon of 5 to 8 years.


The D2E Capital team partners strive to aid companies in the further professionalization of:

  • Internal systems and processes: IT, HR, organizational structure,…
  • Finance: reporting, KPIs, control of working capital,…
  • Growth: client portfolio development, market entry,…
  • Innovation: diversification, margin control,…


Down 2 Earth Capital is an independent private equity fund. Our shareholders are mostly CEOs, entrepreneurs and industrial families. Our investors form an extensive network of sector expertise and know-how.

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